Project Managenent

Project Management

“Each project gets the same professional attention and each client receives the same professional support.” .(Frieder M. Mayer, CEO)

We provide our clients with a Single Point of Contact in order to facilitate the communication process and to set up an optimized information flow. A highly responsive communication keeps both sides informed at any stage of the ongoing processes ... and enables the client and us to immediately react on any event whenever needed.

General tasks of our project managers are:

  • Clarification of all the detail specifications regarding the client's request and determination of the key deliverables of the project
  • Checking up that all regulatory aspects are being taken into consideration
  • Working out of a time table for all the project related activities
  • Setting up of agreed upon communication and reporting procedures with the client and the partners (if needed)
  • Coordination of all project related activities, giving guidance if needed
  • Progress monitoring of the ongoing processes and result checking
  • Periodicalreporting