Primary packaging

Primary packaging

Technological expertise built up over many years allows us to offer comprehensive competence in manufacturing of primary packed solid dosage forms. We are well equipped (approx. 12 packaging lines) and we are able to provide you with:

  • Single / Multi component PVC Push-through-Packs (= Blisters)
    (PVC; PVC / PVdC; Triplex; PVC / Aclar)
  • Alu / Alu Strips or Blisters
    (cold forming process)
  • Filled bottles
    (Plastic or glass, incl. membrane induction sealing as an initial opening protection and including a desiccant pad as well if needed)
  • Stick packs
    (i.e. ideally suited for low dosed medication in powder form, cold powders and gels)
  • Sealed-edge pouches
    (popular packages for powder, granulated or liquid medicinal products)

Our primary packaging area basically complies with the Class 100.000 (ISO 8) requirements.

 In many of the projects you can benefit from basic services that are available alongside the packaging activities:

  • Blister tooling design and procurement
  • Foil procurement and foil printing according to the client's needs
  • Procurement of the packaging materials