Heat-sealed pouches

Using multilayer film to obtain heat-sealed pouches is still the most common solution for various applications, and the pouch is still very widespread and appreciated for its user-friendliness and the excellent protection it guarantees to its content (particularly in the cosmetics industry, but not only)

Ivers-Lee Italia is able to dose products into various formats from 1ml through to 80 ml on different packaging  machines, according to the viscosity/density of the products and the requested order size.

The pouches can be produced singularly or in twin or triple/quadruple versions, also with different content thanks to separate dispensing systems (for example combined “day cream + night cream”)

One special application is the insertion of pouches in magazines for promotional campaigns, attached to periodicals or dedicated emails; these pouches require specific processing during both the production and control phases because they must satisfy important requisites in terms of quality and crush/pressure resistance.

In the food supplement area, a valid and highly popular alternative to “trial” blister packs is the monodose pouch with one or more tablets or capsules, which represent a valid marketing tool at a more competitive price; the same type can be produced for the cosmetics segment with the insertion of soft pearls/capsules.