Development of packaging for medical products.

Development of packaging for medical products.

We develop packaging concepts that are adapted to suit the needs of our customers. The models are close to hand and natural: our main concern, in addition to technical requirements such as the ability to sterilise, barrier properties, mechanical protective effect, etc., is to meet the need for product coding, product presentation, environmental sustainability, economy, controlled removal of the contents and user-friendliness. 

Typical sterile packaging systems in the medical technology sector.

  • Blister   Thermally formed shells, ranging from soft to hard material, made of PET foil. Sterile barrier provided by suitable bonding/sealing foils (Tyvek®, paper, aluminium, etc.)

  •  Peelable pouches   Foil and/or paper pouches with defined opening characteristics -> Avoids contamination of the medical devices by any packaging residue.

  • Vials    Ampoules/carpules made of glass or plastic, with or without a septum, forming the primary packaging. Often extended by blister shells to form a high-value packaging system.

These systems can be designed as single or multiple barriers and extended by using logistics-friendly boxes to form a complete packaging system.