Guaranteed free from microbes.

 Die industrielle, kommerzielle Sterilisation erfolgt, anders als die Dampfsterilisation im Spital gleich palettenweise und in grossen Kammern. Alle Prozesse sind automatisiert und dokumentiert.

Medical devices that have been inspected, finally packaged and palletised are sterilised by our specialist, certified co-operation partners. Any process may be selected. The material properties of the medical devices are the most important consideration in this respect. If necessary, we will pre-test the compatibility of the components with the particular sterilisation process. This stage also includes preparation of the sterilisation specifications, such as loading plans, doses, cycles, etc. The sales-ready goods are then delivered promptly to the client with a certificate of release.

Industrial, commercial sterilisation is undertaken pallet by pallet in large chambers. All the processes are automated and validated.