Packaging systems used in the medical technology sector.

Blisterschalen aus PET sind bewährt und umweltverträglich, bieten hohen Schutz gegen mechanische Beschädigung und sind mit vielen Sterilisationsverfahren kompatibel.
  • Blister   Thermally formed shells in a soft to hard material, made of transparent PET foil. Sterile barrier provided by suitable bonding/sealing foils (Tyvek®, paper, aluminium, etc.).
  • Peelable pouches   Foil and/or paper pouches with defined opening characteristics -> Avoids contamination of the medical products by any packaging residue).
  • Vials   Ampoules/carpules made of glass or plastic forming the primary packaging. Often extended by blister shells to form a high-value packaging system.

These systems can be designed as single or multiple barriers and extended with logistics-friendly boxes to form a complete packaging system. Blister shells made of PET are well-proven and environmentally friendly, offer good protection against mechanical damage and are compatible with many sterilisation processes.