Full-service packaging for the medical technology sector.

Alle Leistungen werden in einem klaren Konzept verpackt.

 Ivers-Lee MedTec is an Ivers-Lee Holding company working in packaging services for the medical devices sector, regulated by ISO 13485. Packaging services for pharmaceutical preparations are provided by our affiliated company, Ivers-Lee Schweiz.
The main consideration is always to define the appropriate packaging system for the current requirement of the customer, establish full processing sequences, ensure that they can be reproduced, implement quality assurance measures and operate a suitable documentation system.

Customer benefits are our first priority.
The full service includes all those activities that are necessary for the complete process. We always focus on relieving our customers of the burden of a wide range of purchasing, co-ordinations and quality tasks. Specifically, our services comprise:

  • Developing packaging systems for medical devices
  • Cleaning and assembling
  • Low-microbial packaging in the clean room (class ISO 7)
  • Labelling / finishing / final packaging
  • Sterilising (all the current processes) and logistics
  • Validating 

Overview of Ivers-Lee MedTec.
Established in Burgdorf, Switzerland in 2005, as a limited company within Ivers-Lee Holding

  • Approximately 30 employees
  • Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • Business model: Contract packaging services for the medical technology sector
  • Customer structure: Manufacturers and distributors of medical devices (implants, instruments,
    diagnostics, etc.)