Ivers-Lee AG

Blister packs

We pack products such as capsules, tablets, dragées, ampoules, vials and injections in the appropriate blister shape on your behalf.

As well as mono filling, we also offer mixed blister packs, where different products can be manufactured in a single blister.

Blister packs are separated into: 

Push-through PVC packaging

We manufacture PVC (PVC; PVC/PVdC; Triplex; PVC/Aclar) push-through blister packaging

Push-through Alu/Alu packaging

Production of alu/alu push-through packaging by a cold-forming process presents specific technical requirements. The specific properties of push-through alu/alu packaging make it difficult to handle, and considerable experience is required.

We are able to manufacture these products expertly, from the primary packaging stage to sales and despatch units. Technologies such as child safety, data matrix coding and serialisation are already well established at our works. Ongoing projects drive these developments forward continuously in the market.