Medical Technology

The perfect portion package.

The user-friendliness, efficiency and ease of use of stickpacks fulfil all the basic requirements of a convenience package.

Stickpacks are the ideal portion package for small to medium-sized (0.1 - 10g) pharmaceutical dosages in the prescription and OTC medication segment (for medication in the form of a powder, powdered cold remedies and antacid gels).  Stickpacks are also an excellent alternative in the nutritional supplementation area (vitamins, dietetic powders, isotonic drinks in powder form and health foods). These usually involve a higher volume (10 - 35 g).

The packs empty almost completely, and this feature combined with their suitability for direct intake means that the packages are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Stickpacks are also of vital benefit to the manufacturer: this process results in a significant saving of foil material compared with packing the same amount of content in a flat pouch.

Ivers-Lee provides the entire process, including the primary and secondary packaging stages, as one complete service.