The power of the company lies right at its core.

From its very beginnings, Ivers-Lee has followed entirely organic principles within its packaging business. Since 1947, this family company has placed a very high value on the kind of sensible growth that copes with the challenges presented by the customers and the markets of each era. It maintains a state-of-the-art structure that strives to achieve success by its own strength, through continuous product innovation and process optimisation.

Burgdorf is located in the middle of Switzerland, conveniently placed to provide integrated packaging services to the pharma industry. Projects and innovations that win international awards are brought to fruition here, at the company’s own site. These projects and innovations are guided by the customer, and advance quickly. It goes without saying that they also meet the highest cGMP standards. The professionalism provided by this business bears fruit in operating procedures that are based on partnership with all of its customers. The CPPP (The Complete Pharmaceutical Packaging Partnership) performance promise commits the business to a shared success.

This requirement motivates our employees on your behalf.

  • Complete Pharmaceutical Packaging Partnership, CPPP
  • Partner in the development process for packaging
  • Integral service provider within the packaging supply chain
  • Specialist in the solids sector
  • Blister, stickpack, pharmaceutical pouch, wallet and bottle packaging
  • Swissmedic manufacturing approval
The power of the company lies right at its core.